What did I learn from my travel?

After 7 years of law studies, I feel like travelling before “real life” was a genius idea. Since ages, I wanted to go in Australia.  It was now or never!

As a really “narrow minding” person that I was by this timeJ , I found excuses to justify my travel, like improving my English, doing an internship in a law firm to fit my “future perfect life”...

According to my parents, I was running from my life. Everybody was getting married, getting a good job and me, still student since ages. Then, when I finally passed my bar exam and having the chance to be like all my perfect surrenders. Ciaooo, I don’t want work straight away. Give me a f.. break!!!

What you need to know is that, long before, I had a structured plan for my life:

-          Get a good job,

-          married by the age of 25

-          And one child at 27 years old.


This plan starts to fall apart when my longtime boyfriend left me and I totally destroyed it by deciding to “run from my life” at 27.

I have to admit that was a hard decision because most of my friends were in a “good personal and professional situation”. And me, I was again and again loosing time instead of getting my perfect life.

What I didn’t know by this time is that this journey would change me… my way of thinking, forever and ever. Now, I am wondering if I could ever again be the same person that I was before. In fact, I don’t even know which kind of person I was before.

I arrived in Sydney on November 6th, 2012 and the feeling of freedom and happiness I felt when I started to talk to the taxi driver on the way to my friend house was priceless.

Since my first week in Australia, and even before, on the plane, I just feel free!! I had the chance to meet awesome people and visit one of the most beautiful landscapes I had ever seen.

I have travelled before but never had experimented this feeling of freedom and peace. I was living in the present moment, each day as it was the last one, trying to keep all memories deeply in my heart, starting new experiences. I was never tired, never.